About us

A family startup run by parents

We are Anders, Mai, Jacob and Louise, proud parents of Eva, Isak, Esther, Hector and Norah-May

In 2016, Jacob moved from Denmark to Dubai to live a carefree life with Mai. Little did he know that finding personal care products truly without perfume and parabens was almost impossible. Some claimed to be without harmful substances, but none of them met the safe and environmentally friendly standards Jacob was used to.

Jacob tried to forget this distress, but after having a baby girl Mai and Jacob decided to take things into their own hands to bring baby care products to Dubai. These products should not only be trusted to be completely free from any harmful substance, but also be among the most environmentally friendly care products one can find.

And now, three years later, Mai's sister Louise and Jacob's friend Anders has joined to found VELVÆR and introduce wet wipes as the first member of the family, certified by the Nordic eco label & asthma allergy Nordic. We hope they will bring you peace of mind, when needing an essential baby care product for your loved ones.

A first

Wet wipes is first member of the VELVÆR family certified by the Nordic Eco Label & Asthma Allergy Nordic. We expect additions to the family in the near future!